Can’t Hold Down Hands-On Learning

Want to bring Hands-on learning to life for your students? We can help!
These stories highlight the innovative ways Pitsco solutions align with and elevate CTE programs nationwide. From inspiring classroom stories to the latest advancements in educational technology, we look forward to showcasing the dynamic and transformative nature of CTE through the lens of Pitsco Education. Together, we can inspire and inform educators, administrators, and policymakers, fostering a collective commitment to the future success of our students.
The years 2020 and 2021 brought paradigm shifts to every aspect of life, and education was no exception. It’s not surprising that hands-on learning has had to shift. But what remains is the impact of learning by doing. Whether that’s at home, in person, individually, or within a group – providing engaging opportunities can make all the difference.

In these pages you’ll find stories of teachers and students who are ready to dive back into the world of tactile STEM – in a big way. You can feel the energy right now. In schools across the nation, hands-on STEM is roaring ahead, and Pitsco is just as excited as you are.


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