Meet Oti-Bot, a new STEAM robot from TTS that offers students opportunities to practice and develop skills in computing, communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. The robot’s many functions and features make it easy for educators to incorporate coding into core subjects.
Oti-Bot Features image

Real-World Connections

From delivering packages to serving food to vacuuming homes, robots are increasingly visible in everyday life. Oti-Bot can be used to familiarize learners with working alongside a humanoid robot and replicate real-life examples of how robotics can be used in society.

Computer Science

Oti-Bot allows for an approachable introduction to coding with a relatable humanoid robot. The free, interactive app enables students to progress from simple remote control to using a block-based environment to program Oti-Bot. Explore algorithms, variables, debugging, logical reasoning, and more.

Cross-Curricular Learning

Oti-Bot includes five cross-curricular activities featuring English, math, geography, and more. Additionally, a customizable activity sheet is available so educators can create their own activities. The teacher’s guide also includes a variety of ideas for cross-curricular connections.

Social-Emotional Learning

Oti-Bot makes it easy to incorporate social-emotional learning into your lessons. With 12 emotions represented by different facial expressions and colors, Oti-Bot can be used to facilitate discussions about feelings and emotions.



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