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Digitally Delivered Curriculum 

We want to help you get back to your classroom, your kitchen table, your home office, your co-op, or wherever you’ll teach and learn from for now. For a limited time, Pitsco would like to provide the TETRIX® curriculum you previously purchased in a downloadable digital format. Please contact our Order Support team at 800-835-0686 to validate your past purchase and receive access to a downloadable digital version of your teacher and student guides.

Code at Home with Video Demo by Teacher 

Students who are learning to code robots using TETRIX PRIZM® or PULSE® have the option to write their code at home in either the Arduino Software (IDE) (TETRIX MAX or PRIME) or Ardublockly (TETRIX PRIME) on their computers.


Code Using the Arduino Web Editor

The Arduino Web Editor enables anyone to create Arduino sketches and save them to the cloud without having to download software to a device. A free Arduino account must be created before access to the web-based platform is granted. The web editor can be accessed through most web browsers (Chrome is recommended) and works on computers, Chromebooks, and most tablets.


Blended Coding and Robotics TETRIX-Magenta-Gear-600-0820

Have students in a blended school environment complete the on-screen coding of their robots while they are learning remotely. They can explore coding concepts, write their code, and verify it for syntax errors. Then, when they return to school, they can complete the hands-on portion of the lesson by building robots, uploading their code, testing, and modifying their code as needed.


TETRIX Virtual Robotics

Our TETRIX Virtual Robotics (VR) simulation software provides the curriculum, easy-to-use tools, and all the resources you need to run a successful blended robotics program. TETRIX VR offers a digital/physical robotics experience, whereby students can use a simulated environment to code a virtual TETRIX robot using Arduino Software (IDE). In addition to the online experience, by using TETRIX VR, learners can transition to testing their simulation code on a robot to compare how the robot performs in the real world.


Creating 3-D Models of TETRIX Robots in a CAD Software

When it isn’t feasible for students to build with TETRIX due to remote, blended, or in-class situations where sets can’t be shared, consider having them learn to model TETRIX robots in a 3-D CAD software. Developing 3-D modeling skills is great for engineering and usually makes prototyping and building the actual robot go much smoother. After 3-D models are built, students can print out their parts lists and build the physical robot according to their designs.

TETRIX Individual Engineering Kits and Build Challenges 

TETRIX is much more than a robotics building system. It is an engineering system. By breaking TETRIX sets down to individual building sets without the electronic control elements, students can still engage in hands-on problem-solving as they solve engineering challenges and complete activities.


Blended Learning Scope and Sequence Documents TETRIX-Magenta-Gear-600-0820

Robotics can be difficult to teach in a blended learning situation where students alternate between learning at school and learning remotely. In most situations, it isn’t feasible to send TETRIX home with students. In these example scope and sequence documents, all hands-on TETRIX activities are done at school with alternate robotics activities completed remotely.